FAITH's Preschool Project- Updates

Faith Lutheran Church's Preschool Project
The information and links on this page will keep you updated on Faith Lutheran's preschool opening. 

Time Line
most recent events at the top

- First Meeting of Faith's Preschool Board - Our new board elected Fran Crump as the chairperson of the preschool board. Mary Dahl is the secretary. Other members of the board who were present were, Bob Crump, Wendy Hagan, David Meyer, and Patti Pfeiffer. 

- November 2011 - Faith's Voters' Assembly Approves Preschool In our November meeting our church approved a resolution to open Faith Preschool in August of 2012. We have a lot of work to do in preparation for opening day, mid-August 2012. 

- February 16,   6:30pm  We met with Mr. Gerhke and had a productive meeting. He introduced us to the process and will help us obtain a demographic study of the surrounding area. Our next task is to have the fire marshall in to evaluate our current facilities for a preschool environment.

- February 2, 2011 - SNOW/ICE - The MO district education specialist, Mr. Gerhke, was to meet with the committee. But the meeting was cancelled due to snow/ice. 

- January 23, 2011 - First Preschool Study meeting. Chairperson: Wendy Hagan
Members: Becky Bopp, Dave Meyer ex offico: Pastor of Faith; Elder Representative, Mark Bopp - Will add 2-3 more.

-  January 23rd - Form the Preschool Study Committee after church. Volunteer to help!

-  January 16th - Elders call for committee volunteers; Contact Mark Bopp or Pr. Sell
-  January 4, 2011 - Faith's council creates a preschool feasibility committee.


FAQ's (FAITH Asks Questions) here

Why should Faith consider a preschool? 
What changes might we expect?
Can we get help from LCMS?

As our committee marches on, the link of FAQ's will have more questions and answers.
You can click on any of the topics above for all sorts of information. We will link to many things, from very detailed information about state regulations to LCMS policy advice - from FAQ's to other preschools in the area.

We want to be as transparent as possible and provide helpful information to our members and those who are interested the possibility of a "Faith Preschool."

The most recent information will be the first section on this page.