Monday, June 1, 2020


The past few months have been a unique chapter in our history as a country and world. The Covid 19 has affected all of us in some way. Thankfully most of us have not experienced sickness or the loss of loved ones due to the virus. Our prayers of comfort and healing are on our hearts as Christians for all who are suffering. Likewise, we are thankful for all those who are caregivers and first responders during these difficult times.

For many the experience has been more of an inconvenience or interruptions in our usual, comfortable lives. Not to be able to go see loved ones in the hospital or care centers, not eating out or visiting friends, wearing masks to shop, etc. For Christians it has added the challenge of not being able to assemble normally for worship and partake of the Lord’s Supper to strengthen our faith as God’s people. Although, we have been able to hear His Word and worship through media. Fortunately we are now able to attend services and have the sacrament now with safe restrictions.

We know that all sickness and distress in this world is the result of our sinful condition. Yet, we have God’s promise of grace in Jesus Christ to strengthen us unto eternal life. This latter thought causes me to ponder the greater Pandemic that has existed consistently since the fall of mankind after the creation. Man was created perfect but fell into disobedience which is now a part of our very existence as human beings. This pandemic means that all people will eventually die, both physically and eternally unless our relationship with God is restored. But, God’s undeserved love (grace) for man intervened. He promised that His Son would suffer for our sins and assure us of an eternal life with Him in heaven. That “vaccine” culminated in Jesus’ dying and rising for you and me. All those who believe in what Christ did for us is eternally healed. He also promised that His Holy Spirit, who works through Word and Sacrament to strengthen us in faith and the ability to endure all hardships of this life with blessings along the way.

Thankfully, we have again begun regular worship at Faith on Sundays with safe restrictions. Sunday, June 7th, Bible class resumes at 9:15 A.M. in the sanctuary so safe distancing can be maintained. Restrictions are necessary because God does want us to properly care for the life He has given. He is also the One, Who gives the skills and abilities those trained to advise us on proper care. For those who do not feel comfortable attending for health reasons, our services continue on-line: Private communion can be arranged by calling me at: 314-659-9424. Have a blessed life in God’s grace through Christ.

Rev. James. W. Rhiver, Pastor