Wednesday, February 6, 2019



A radio commentator recently called February the “Love Month” probably because of Valentine’s Day.  Also in the past few weeks a large billboard has been erected just west of Hwy. 141 on I-44 near Valley Park. The billboard is part of a project started by John Pogachar, a life and health coach from Spokane, Washington.  Such billboards have been erected at various cities throughout the nation. Pogachar sees this as “an effort to support areas that stand in need of love and healing.”  It is supported by donations.  

As Christians we can applaud Pogachar’s efforts but at the same time realize the message originated with God, the Author of love.  Actually, the Ten Commandments are centered on love as we well know.  Jesus emphasized this command the night before He was about to die by telling His disciples “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.  By this all men will know you are my disciples, if you love one another.” 

Unfortunately, not all people understand the great love Jesus had for man, that His love is an    undeserved love we know as “grace.”  We, as His followers, are to extend that grace to others.  Even when we do not agree with someone or their actions, we are to love them.  We can show love by helping them to see their sin if need be, always remembering how we, too, must stand in grace because of our sins.  We can strive by the Holy Spirit’s power to be good examples of
Christ’s love and pray they will allow Him to work in their hearts also.

 Lent this year begins March 6, Ash Wednesday. The season of Lent offers an excellent opportunity for us to remember again Jesus’ great love for us in His suffering and death. Ash Wednesday and the following Sundays will feature special orders of service emphasizing His love and strengthening our faith.  These services offer you opportunities to invite others to hear the message of salvation culminating in the Resurrection (Easter), assuring us of eternal life with Him in heaven. 

May you look forward to making a special effort to join with fellow members in worship and praise during this season.   

                                                                        Pastor James Rhiver