Sunday, January 5, 2020

Jan 2020 Pastor's Article

Perfect 20/20 Vision 
A Blessed New Year!  What is in store for each of us this New Year?  None of us have true “20/20” vision when it comes to our future.  In the year 1620 when the Pilgrims landed in America (400 years ago), they certainly had vision, but I’m sure they never dreamed of what our country would look like today. 
In the Old Testament we read about Joseph, whose father favored him over his brothers to the extent that they grew to hate him.  In fact, as you remember they sold him into slavery.  He wound up in Egypt and because of the amazing gift given him by God to interpret dreams, through a series of negative events became the “right hand man” to Pharoah.  This position eventually allowed him to cause the tribes of Israel to continue to exist during a worldwide famine.  You may read the story yourself in Genesis, chapters 37-50. 
It is only as we read Scriptures that we can see how God used even the negative events of Joseph’s life to work His plan of redemption through His chosen people, Israel.  The events would ultimately result in our salvation in Jesus Christ.  And this is but one story that shows God’s all-powerful (omnipotent) ability and all-knowing (omniscient) ability to work all things for good to those who trust Him. 
Okay, now do you see where I’m going?!  Will there be problems in our lives this year? Because sin is in the world, all people experience problems.  Will there be good times? Certainly – because we have God’s promise of His love and care (omnipresent). 
Knowing of His fulfillment in sending Jesus to die and risewe have the assurance of eternal life with Him. He wants us to trust Him with our daily and future plans. 
Years ago there was a popular song (even in our secular world):”Put your hand in the Hand that stilled the waters”. That’s how we as Christians want to approach the New Year.  Know that “God is for us so who can be against us”.  Whether health issues, politics, or economic questions, He is always present to bring us through as we put our trust in Him and pray that His will be done. 
I pray that each of us approaches this new year with this promised vision that because we are His adopted children in Jesus Christ, we are always in His Hands.  To the glory of God in Christ Jesus.  Amen.--Pastor James Rhiver