Monday, January 24, 2011

Faith Preschool Committee Holds First Meeting: Getting to Work

An Exciting Time at Faith

Last Sunday, after church, Faith's Preschool Committee held its first meeting in Pastor's office. It was a meeting to get organized and elect a chairperson. There were five people in attendance. The group elected Wendy Hagan as its chairperson. The members of the committee are Wendy Hagan, Dave Meyer, Becky Bopp. The ex officio (advisory members) are the pastor of Faith and a representative of the elders. They are currently Pastor Sell and Mark Bopp.

The Work Has Begun

The committee will be in touch with other members of Faith who have expressed interest in serving on the committee. There is a lot of work ahead of us and we need the help.

A couple of tasks are already set. Becky Bopp will begin hunting for opportunities for grants and funding. Wendy Hagan will contact MO District's Director of Lutheran Schools, Dennis Gehrke, who will provide us with plenty of ideas and structure to begin our study. Dave Meyer is going to be the link with the trustees to learn about what we need to do to our existing classrooms to serve the children in the preschool.

Interested in being on the committee? Feel free to contact Wendy Hagan to help out or join the committee.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Faith Establishes a Committee to Study Preschool

This past week, the council began the process for a feasibility study to determine the likelihood of opening a preschool at Faith Lutheran. The leaders of the church believe that there is a strong possiblity that Faith could very well open a preschool to serve the families in the area.

[Keep up with Preschool Study news here. ]

The Elders are taking up this challenge and will soon put together the committee and meet with the Missouri District of the LCMS. The district provides some wonderful resources that will help us to move forward. Please check back frequently and keep us in your prayers.

If you are interested in serving on our Preschool Committee please let Pastor or Mark Bopp know.

This is an exciting time for Faith as we continue to shine the Epiphany Light of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Friday, January 7, 2011

An Epiphany Message from Pastor Harrison

Blessed Epiphany and New Year from President Harrison from VimeoLCMS on Vimeo.
LCMS President Rev. Matthew Harrison reminds us that no matter what challenges the new year brings, we can look ahead with one certainty – Jesus came for us!

Come to Faith and have an Epiphany

We are now in the midst of the Epiphany season in the Christian Church. Our service this Sunday will celebrate the revelation of our God - Jesus Christ.

Epiphany means to bring to light, to reveal. God's word reveals the true Light of the World in Jesus. The man, Jesus is the God Jesus. The death of God on the cross for the forgiveness of sins means that the miracle of Christmas lives on. Jesus was a baby in Mary's womb who was God. The boy in the temple learning and teaching was God. The Son who heeded his mother's wishes at the wedding of Cana was God.

Join us for our Epiphany service this Sunday and rejoice in your Epiphany experience in the presence of the God-man Jesus Christ who calls you into His body, the church.

Pr. Sell